Wretchen Buttfuck (also known as her fake name: Gretchen Aura Quartz-Ford or by her fake nickname Gretchen/Gretchy) is a cancerous Pukie and Pukie Lover, she is borderline retarded. She died being tortured and raped to death by the PHD for 5 years and maybe more.

Le cancerous storyline crap lelel Edit

She is extremly cancerous, learning to talk more retarded in Pukiese and read much more later than the Average Pookie Reading Statistique, which means she's more slowpoke than the average Pukie. She is also very dumbfuck, randomly racist, sexist and try so hard to be sarcastic, but gets triggered so easily. She also knows alot about feminist extremist books and got always E- in Geography, History, Health, etc. EVERYWHERE!

She is also known to have an EXTREME INSANE TRUE-CRINGY CANCEROUS NON SERIOUS OVER-THE-CRINGE CRINGEWORTH EW EW crush on Marco from Star VS The Forces of Evil. (Just like her creator. Awww I am so autistic. OKAY. NOT A WORD OR I'LL FRICKING INTERNET - KILL MYSELF.)

About her oofEdit

  • She is a slow learner and is very much a poor Pookshit.
  • She is insanely stupid, wrist cuts is her hobby.
  • She enjoys lewd pics of Marco, lewding of him and fapping for that scrub.
  • Racist, Sexist, Like all Pookies does!
  • She has Autism, which causes her to think more stupid than the average person. Star, her creator, is an autistic fuck head too. They are a bunch of fucking retarded assholes.

Appearance Edit

Wretchen has many disgusting appearances in many cancerous fanfics. Here are some of them and look how disgusting it is lmao. Note that these may be for future cringy fanfics she'll be in. All screenshots were taken with, those are before she was killed by the PHD.

In other words, she's like a whore, cancerous Pukie. They are all the same.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 4.53.47 PM

Her last image of her, before being killed