Wooggart (also known as "Wugger" and "Wooga") is one of the main antagonists in Venture. He vandalizes people's property by spray painting "Woogart/Wooga/Wugger Rules" on people's houses. Wugger also hugs people which causes a huge explosion (he calls his technique "Hugsplozion"), which he is totally immune from his very own explosions and every explosions makes him stronger (multiplying his PL about 3.5 times every upgrades!)

Personality Edit

Evil, vile, monstrous. Kills everyone he sees by tearing their limbs one by one in a similar fashion like remove a flower's petals, eating their skulls,eating their organs but mostly: hugging people into explosions. Wooga also love to vandalizes people's property by painting "Woogart/Wooga/Wugger Rules" but sometimes it can be "KYS", "Eat Crap, Pukies!", "Ur m0m gey lul", "I killed da pookshart!" and so on.

Appearance Edit

Pale grey skin, dark spiky brown hair, bright amber eyes. Always wears a spiky green hoodie with a hood that depicts a cartoonish version of his face. Wears blue pants and gray shoes. Always wears dark gloves for hitting people.

He measure at least 1,80 and weights 200+ lbs. It is unknown since he never measure or weight himself, although from the look of his anatomy it can be said that he is at least what we think.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Immense Strength (Class C+): Woogart's strength is enough to crush bones with little efforts, as seen when he performs his hugging sessions on his victims (ending up with terrible crushing noises). He also shown to tear a coin in 2, a feat of strength that is rare among the casual penguins. Wugger once punched a big truck, sending it flying over 50 meters before crashing down, on a long distance of 20 kilometers! And the truck was estimated to be over 5 tons! Over all of his stats, strength is his highest.
  • Abnormal Toughness: He's able to tank bullets from cops, which are known to be very lethal. Wooga also test his toughness by letting himself hit by cars on various degree of speed (exceeding the 130 mph!). He also manage to tank Richie's Full Power Body Blow (Woogart was using Iron Stomach however to prevent damage from his internal organs).