The White Hunter is a mysterious neutral figure who hunts down other criminals, then abducts and drags them in a secret lair, unknown to the public. The White Hunter uses the punishment method of inflicting pain on criminals so they can see their great sins. For many years, the police cops and other agents from multiple agencies weren't able to get their hands on this "strange avenger". The only one who was close to get the Hunter is James Falcon.

Biography Edit

While the White Hunter is extremely unknown to the public (even the strongest agencies aren't able to search his past), he has a very strong western accent which can indicate he is from the Western Quadrant of Penguin City, especially Ol' Coal City (considered as one of the very oldest cities in the Western Region, there is a lot of penguins having a similar accent like White Hunter's).

Powers, Abilities & Skills Edit

The White Hunter's full extension of his capacities are currently unknown, as little he shows of his powers and abilities (he himself said he wants to show less of his powers to the public and the army and cops). However, his feats are seem to be over the average human rate as he manage to lift a car and throw it away with sheer force, able to dodge a rain of bullets, tanking a a Elasto-Fist of Mr. Happy and outrun a car that goes over 200 kph. The White Hunter is known to be an expert in martial arts, as demonstrated his skills against James Falcon and Richie, even being able to take down The Flying Ventrax only with hand-to-hand combat techniques. He is mostly known to use a variety of melee weapons, secret gadgets and various tools in his fights, even using the entire environment around him.