Thotteta Retardnikka Shite Holystud is a very poor, stupid, autistic whore Penguin. She was known to cause drama and fake at being ill, most of the time she was eating shoes and trash stuff.

Bio Edit

She was born on May 3rd 1990 into a poor family in the Penguin Village. Her family was very poor and she

Thotteta Retardnikka Shite Holystud
Whore cunt

Fucking poor

-150,000,000 coins


No one

Dead ass shitty cancerous Pukies

Tyler Cunt Holystud (dead) Juliette Cunt Holystud (dead)

She got raped many times

she often drink bleach and does crack

kills pookies when drunk

hates memes

Got run over by a bike, claim to have died

she is ugly af

was depressed, she wanted to fucking die. When she was 8 but in reality she's -40 in IQ, she learned to make a fire like a caveman lol. She never went to Pre-K, because no one wants a whore lmao.

In 1994, she started getting laid as a thot.

In 1998, she did tried a school play and was very bad at it. The teachers were puking on her this time.

Same shit but a bit different Edit

Due to her family's poverty, she never went to high school or college. She really wanted to though but nope lol.

She was often raped in the streets and On April 4th 2012, she gave didn't even birth to 2 Pookies, tummies are cancer btw she thinks she did but nope, the Pookies were stabbed, burned, raped and killed. They were called Tyler and Lindsay. She is now the poorest penguin ever in Club Penguin. She lives in a cardbox with her dead corpse Pukies in a certain hood of thots and nibbas.

Appearance Edit

she is like a whore

Work she done in the past. Edit

Nothing at all Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Her dead Pukies were twins and they were beat and raped to death. Their corpses are hanging out on Rosetta's abandoned igloo, being torn apart and their insides like intestines, stomach and other organs visible from their ripped open tummy.
  • Her Pukies are INDEED ''adopted'' like all Pookshit. She didn't gave birth to them since tummies are cancers and childbirth isn't accepted in CP lol. Her Pukies blinded due to their own retardation.