The Ultimate Pookshit Death Mall is a mall where Pookies go to be raped, killed and tortured.

Stores Edit

Doyon Want get a Goblet of Acid? Edit

Doyon Want get a Goblet of Acid??. In the commercial, two Pookies sing 101 bottles of Acid on the wall but forget the lyrics and were punished by being beated.

Trolls Pizzaria Edit

Trolls Pizzaria has robots that are "so fun, they will make Pookies killed themselves!". In the commercial, a robot shoots a laser which a gang of Pookies got hit, causing him them to cry and commit suicide.

Kentucky Fried Pookie. Edit

They serve chopped off slimy bloody Pookies parts. Their slogan is "KFP. WE KNOW OUR FOOD IS GOOD AND WE KILL POOKIES FOR GOOD ACTIONS!!!".

Pookie Corpse Emporium Edit

An emporium made with all Dead Pookie corpses.