The Pukie Killing Times (fully titled "The Pukie Killing Times: Info About Killing Your Cancerous And Disgusting Pukies And More!") is a magazine/newspaper in Club Penguin. It has both a magazine and a newspaper. However the magazine is the most popular.

Issue 1 Edit

Main Story - Gerudo's Extravaganza Diner Palace officially open! Edit

Well, the team for The Pukie Killing Times are happy to announce that the long awaited Gerudo's Extravaganza Diner Palace has been opened!  "We hope to make a lot of families lives entertained, and just have fun." says the owner, Gerudo. We recommend going there, as it is for everyone of all ages. It is located next to the The Ultimate Pookshit Death Mall, so be ready to check it out!

~ Woogart

Beating Ideas Edit

Are your pookies sad? Are your pookies not as happy as before? Are your biggies feeling down? Well you've come to the right place: WE BEAT YOUR CANCEROUS POOKIES FOR FREE BUDDY!

Well, that's all for this issue. Stay tuned for more!

~ Alana Parks, Killer of 4 dead pukies, killed by her own hands

TV Channel Suggestions! Edit


~ Woogart

Issue 2 Edit

Main Story - SVTFOE 2nd Season? Edit

Hey SVTFOE fans!! We've heard that SVTFOE might have a second season! It could possibly be a rumour right now, but if it's true, we won't spoil anything about it.

~ Star Butterfly