The Pookshit Torture Corporation (known also as The Pukie Torture Company) is a company that sells items for torturing Pukies. It is owned by Kaian The Lord. Everyone buy their itemst for killing Pookshits and it is quite popular over the years, being in the top companies to get such fame! It is common to see Stampy Cat Fangirl12345 (autistic Pukie Lover) being tortured in public, it's like a circus and people likes it!

Items with clothesEdit

  • The Death Crown
  • Pink, Blue, and Red Teddy Bomb Pack
  • Tiara Claw
  • Strangling Boa Pack
  • Firecrakers Pack (Comes with the explosive bombs backpack!)
  • Pink Puffle Claw
  • Hoodie Trap
  • Ballerina Costume (filled with blades!)
  • Bunny Slippers Chomper (Pukies will lose their fee!t)
  • Knifes Pack

Killing Plushie (most strangle or beat Pookies to death)Edit

  • Death Cat Plushy (has claws sharp as razors!)
  • Hell Hound Plushy (bite them to death!)
  • Hammer Plushy
  • Smash Mallow Plushy
  • Apple Monster Plushy
  • Acid Plushy (this will melt them!)
  • Bomb Sparkle Plushy (explose with magic!)
  • Pookie Eater Plushy
  • Death's Jockey Plushy
  • Spikey Plushy
  • Wall Pinner Plushy
  • Turtle Thot Plushy
  • Teddy Carnage Plushy
  • Elmo's Chainsaw Plushy

Deadly ToysEdit

  • Bow N' Arrow Teddy Bear
  • Play Burning Set (burns pookies)
  • Big Strangler Zebra
  • Big Stabber Hippo
  • Big Stomper Giraffe
  • Acid Tea Set
  • Bull Impaler
  • Bomber Pack