The Herpes Channel is a TV channel in CP for Penguins for any ages, such as Chicks and teenagers. It is aimed at ages 4-15 and above. The main subject is about killing Pukies.

Shows Edit

A Edit

Amando and the Monkey Wrench (Season 1-8 with Special Episodes and Movies)

Aniako vs Hamsters from the Deep Space (Season 2-5)

Ankou's Anatawa (Season 1-3, still not concluded about a continuation)

Anatawa: Tower of Doom (Unknown)

B Edit

Brawl (Season 1-4,12 Movies)

Brawl: Krasher Contest (Season 1-9, 4 Movies, 8 Specials)

Baragon-Kun: Against the cringe on Earth (Season 1-10)

J Edit

Jaws: Ocean Predator (Season 4-5, 30+ Mini Episodes)

Jaws: Coral Saga (Unknown)

P Edit

Puco's Bad Jokes (Unknown)

Mascot Edit

The mascot's name is Derpes. He is a silly, friendly, playful, fun-loving penguin. He is a reddish penguin and owns a green puffle named Muffins. He loves to slowly twist, bite, tear and break the bones of Pookies!