Super Zombie Defense Pack is a kit for surviving the zombie apocalypse. It includes a free zombie head for pookies to sleep with at night that comes alive at night and gives them nightmares After the nightmares, the zombie head proceed to eat slowly and painfully the pookshits with sheer passion and pookies can't run away since they are too cancerous to fight back the powerful head zombie.

Weapons Edit

  • 2 Scarlet Machetes (level 30), with Bleeding Curse and Burning Effect.
  • 1 Dark Shotgun (level 20), with Darkness Effect.
  • 1 Enhanced Iron Baseball Bat (level 30).
  • 10 Power Grenade (level 50).
  • 3 Arcadian Spell Books (level 30).
  • Hellish Dual Pistols (level 10).
  • 5 Fire Pistols (level 30-70, hazard).