Sons of the South or for short Southern Sons (also known as Southern Heroes and formally named Southern Warriors) is a Hero Faction founded in North Carolina and one of the biggest Hero Factions in all United States, also one of the oldest factions fighting against evil to ever exist in the Deviantverse. They are currently over 4000 heroes in total and are training young heroes in many places of the United States (Sons of the South's HQ are in 20 states and more!). The mascot hero is without a doubt: Mr. Happy.

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  • Many people laugh at the faction's name due to being ironic on where it was founded: it was created in North Carolina, they decided to choose "South/Southern" rather than north. Accorded to the sources, it was created at the SOUTH of North Carolina, hence it's name.
  • For their 50 Anniversary, they decided to put Mr. Happy's face all over the main HQ.