Rainbow Stars Pre-K is a preschool for young pookies. It can be found on 120 Snowy Way.

What the Pookies do at Rainbow Stars Edit

8:30: Some Pookies come to Breakfast Club where they come when they have no breakfast

9:00: Pre-K start (Backpacks, Coats, Gloves, Scarfs, Hats Lunchboxes away etc)

9:10: The Hello Song

9:30: Learning About Numbers ( Adding, Takeaway etc)

10:30: Snacktime. Pookies may paid for snack provided but some parents sent it in

10:45: Play Outside for 20 minutes

11:00: The pookies come inside and draw a picture of what they did outside.

11:15: Literacy ( writing stuff or more etc)

11:30: Naptime or Storytime ( The pookies can choose Naptime or Storytime)

12:00: Lunch Time. ( If they dont have a lunchbox the pre-k provide lunches or parents just send them)

12:30: Naptime for all pookies

1:00: Letter Time. This helps the pookies learn the alphabet.

1:30: Free Time. ( The pookies can choose to play inside or outside)

1:45: Coloring time. ( The pookies can color a picture and learn the colors of the rainbow!)

2:00: Art Time. The pookies can make pictures for their (mumu, biggy etc)

2:45: Storytime: The Pookies Can have a story before they go home

3:00: Hometime: The pookies can stay for after school clubs. Some go home on a bus or with their parents.

School Trips Edit

The pookies will go to school trips as well

Places They can go

The Zoo

Star TV studio or Star TV usa studio

The Cinema

The Playground.

These are places which some schools might go to. The pookie will get a permission slip for their parents to sign. If they are not signed by the date that the teachers would like them in, the pookie will not be able to go on the trip.

What pookies might wear:

Firefighters Jacket and more stuff like that.

Illnesses Edit

If the pookie is ill on the school day, the teacher will probably let that pookie stay off school a little bit to rest. Sometimes, they might be at school. They will do actions such as this

. Throwing up

. Complaining about it

. Crying for mumu / dada.

If they do one of those things, teachers usually ring parents saying pookie is sick.

Holidays Edit

Some pookies might have holidays. The teachers usually won't mind.

End of Rainbow Stars Edit

Pookies sometimes grow. When they finish Rainbow stars in July, they will have a party. After the party, They will have one more week then they finish Rainbow stars.

Trivia Edit

. Rainbow Stars is not a popular pre-k but some pookies may go.