Rabbits are animals in Venture. They are very few in Venture media .due to the fact that they become prey of dogs. They appear in the Venture video game, TV show, but only appear in one of the movies.

Apperance Edit

Rabbits look different. Some are brown, some are white. One specific type, The Killer Bunny, is evil and kills people. The Killer Bunny only appears in one of the Venture movies(and is rather brutally but bloodlessly decapitated by Robert).

Personality Edit

All are afraid of dogs. The Killer Bunny is evil, vile, and monstrous, and kills people. The Killer Bunny fortunately met his end by Robert who decapitated the rabbit with a sword.

Trivia Edit

Winston had a stuffed bunny named "Pocus" in Pookies (Movie), but it was decapitated by Vanessa after she got infected.