Pukies: Death To All! is a movie about a bunch of cancerous Pookies being attacked by an evil whore Pookie, Zoe. This movie is the sequel of Pookshits: The Killing Apocalypse.

Plot Edit

Major Dietrich drops a bomb on Club Penguin Island, causing everyone who is caught in the explosion to think of extreme violence. The bomb lands on the Pet Shop, causing all Pookies to become evil.

Meanwhile, Kristian, Sebastian, Sheldon, and Vincent are on a helicopter. An infected Pookie jumps on the helicarreier and smashes open a window, getting inside. All the workers and the four Pookies escape as the infected Pookie destroys the chairs, tables, and coffee machine. They go up the elevator and ends up on top of the helicarreier which is infested with evil Pookies. Kristian finds a machine gun and snipes away the evil Pookies, but there is 1,000,000 of them and he only sniped 100. The vile Pookies destroy some barrels. Kristian uses himself as bait to lure the infected Pookies to a giant razor blade on the helicarreier which the Pookies jump into and get chopped up. Kristian walks carefully, trying not together cut up. He makes it out safe, but there are more vile Pookies. The workers put on parachutes and jump off of the helicarrier, but there are no parachutes for the Pookies. Kristian decides to commit suited by jumping off but a robot grabs him and puts him back on the helicarrier. Some evil Pookies jump off, only to get grabbed themselves. All the robots are busy grabbing the evil. Pookies and the four good Pookies jump off.

The Pookies have no parachutes and are about to plunge to their death. When they land, Kristian punches the ground, Sebastian stomps the ground, Sheldon spins on the ground, and Vincent high fives the ground. They save their own lives. Kristian sets up a tent for them to survive for camp. Sebastian falls asleep along with Sheldon and Vincent who are sleeping with a teddy bear(Sheldon) and a stuffed sheep(Vincent) as Kristian goes into the plaza. Kristian hides in the Pizza Parlor's bathroom. Meanwhile, an infected Pookie walks into the camp but gets their head shot off by Sebastian's gun. More infected Pookies lumber over and also get shot. Sebastian, Sheldon, and Vincent continue exploring the town. They find a Pookie wearing a skull mask which they think is a dead, rotting Pookie. After they continue walking, the Pookie takes off the mask and follows them. The evil Pookie spits in Sebastian's face, causing it to melt. Sheldon crushes the evil Pookie to oblivion, and they continue walking. A mysterious figure taps Sheldon's shoulder, and crushes his head. It turns out to be a muscular evil Pookie which gets his head shot at by Vincent's pistols. The muscular Pookie's head starts bleeding and eventually explodes into blood. Vincent jumps over and wonders where Kristian is.

At the Pizza Parlor bathroom, Kristian finds loads of weapons. He can not decide on what weapon to use. He decides on pistols and a space helmet. The toilet explodes and Kristian blocks the door but he can not block it that long and gets sent flying. Fortunately, the evil Pookies have presumably given up and Kristian realizes it is safe. He takes off his space helmet and walks out the door and walks into the Women's bathroom. The infected Pookies have ripped someone in half and Kristian shoots down the Pookies. He walks gets tackled by an evil Pookies and Kristian loses his gun to the Pookies so he stabs the Pookie off screen and blood splatters in the walls. Kristian gets up, covered in blood, as more evil Pookies walk in. We cut to outside the bathroom and Kristian walks out shirtless and cut. He walks out of the bathrooms and finds someone whose legs were torn off and some blood is on the floor.kristian finds the exit but he gets grabbed by a yellow squid creature. The screen turns black for a whole minute and we cut outside of the pizza parlor and watch Kristian, who is stripped naked besides his diaper and missing an arm. A million evil Pookies notice him.

Vanessa gets infected by the bomb and lumbers over to the Circus Tent. Winston is on the swings in the backyard with his stuffed bunny, Pocus. Evil Vanessa breaks the picket fence and causes Winston to scream and run inside. Winston tells Maggie that Vanessa was infected by the bomb and he left his stuffed bunny outside. Maggie runs out and finds Vanessa doing what a dog would due to a stuffed animal: biting the toy as hard as she can and shaking it around, removing all of it's fluff. Maggie is terrified and tells Vanessa to drop the d@mn toy. Vanessa spits Pocus into a mud puddle, giving Pocus a face paint. Vanessa tries to eat Maggie but Maggie escapes with a bloody leg. Maggie makes it out dragging her injured leg and washes the slobber off of Pocus, surprised that is the only damage. Winston starts crying because Pocus' fur is crunchy.

The bomb is dropped on the circus tent which causes Winston to rip the eye and ear off of Pocus and shred Pocus up with stuffing flying all over the place. Winston then bites Pocus' head off, and eats the remains of Pocus minus the stuffed bunny's torn off head. Maggie finds Winston and is heartbroken that Winston has destroyed his gift given to him at birth, and cries while holding Pocus' decapitated toy head. Maggie holds her arm up to Winston, saying that what he was doing was bad, and his gift from his birth was ripped to oblivion, which results in Winston trying to eat Maggie. Winston gets a fateful of Purification Powder by Kristian, resulting in Winston turning normal. Kristian also throws some Sewing Powder on Pocus, fixing the stuffed bunny. Winston grabs it, though the ground gets corrupted which causes anyone who steps on it to get corrupted too, with Winston jumping onto the ladder of Kristian's helicopter just in time, with Maggie getting evilized. Winston drops Pocus whole climbing the ladder, causing Pocus to fall in the wands of Maggie, who brutally decapitates, eviserates, and detaches the extremities out of the toy. Winston starts crying while seeing this, as Kristian makes Winston go into the pilot's seat of the helicopter with Vincent, as they fly away with Kristian still holding onto the ladder of the helicopter, using his grenade discharged to discharge grenades from the gun and onto the Circus Tent, blowing the place up with Maggie still in it.