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Pukies or Pookshits, more popular under their fake name "Pookies", "CP Bay Bays/Bai Bais" or "Baby Penguins", are autistic people roleplaying as "try hard baby Penguins" but in many wrong ways. They are mostly yellow, to mock Asian people. 2% of players love those cancerous cunts, while 98% is killing Pukies. They always play cancerous creatures. They are mostly cringy and retarded. No one fucking cares about them and they always being beat to death, smacked and more.

Pukies are rarely seen due to being retarded and raped all times. They are not even close to real life babies. Some of them aren't even active after all the shit they caused in people's life. Now that they are gone, you need to watch if they are still around the Pet Shops, Town, Plaza and Pizza Palace.

On March 2017, all pookies were killed and no pookie ever shown it's dirty fucking face ever again. Took a long battle to get them off from the damn game! They ruin the image of irl kids!