Wtf is that crap?

Pukie Death Emporium is a popular store for Pukie Killing! It supports The Pookshit Torture Emporium. Just like The Pookshit Torture Emporium, everyone go there to items for tortures for their captured pookies. It is a very, very popular store for Pukies. Items you can buy are just listed down below:

Toys & Plushies Edit

Note: some are hybrids. Edit

  • Death Cat Plushy (has claws sharp as razors!)
  • Hell Hound Plushy (bite them to death!)
  • Hammer Toy
  • Smash Mallow Plushy
  • Apple Monster Plushy
  • Acid Plushy (this will melt them!)
  • Bomb Sparkle Plushy (explose with magic!)
  • Pukie Eater Robot
  • Death's Jockey Plushy
  • Spikey Toy/Plushie
  • Wall Pinner Toy/Plushie
  • Turtle Thot Plushy
  • Teddy Carnage Plushy
  • Richie Toy
  • Elmo's Chainsaw Plushy

Clothes Edit

  • It is the same stuff of the The Pookshit Torture Corporation btw.
    • The Death Crown
    • Pink, Red, Grey, Silver, Platinum, Blue, and Dark Brown Teddy Bomb Pack (Pink, Red, Blue cost 14.70$ each of them, Dark Brown cost 16.50$, Silver and Platinum cost 18.99$ each, all taxes are included)
    • Tiara Claw
    • Strangling Boa Pack
    • Firecrakers Pack (Comes with the explosive bombs backpack!)
    • Pink Puffle Claw
    • Hoodie Trap
    • Ballerina Costume (Filled with blades!)
    • Bunny Slippers Chomper (Pukies will lose their feet!)
    • Knifes Pack

Acid Guns Edit

  • Green Acid Gun (The original and most popular!)
  • Red Acid Gun (A burning feeling striking on their weak ass flesh!)
  • Blue Acid Gun
  • Yellow Acid Gun
  • Dark Grey Acid Gun
  • Bronze Acid Gun
  • Silver Acid Gun
  • Gold Acid Gun
  • Light Blue Acid Gun