Pookshits: The Killing Apocalypse is a movie for every Penguins made by Kaian The Lord. It has a sequel, Pukies: Death To All, which is even more Puking Killing! Pookshits: The Killing Apocalypse is rated EVERYONE for sequences of crude humor, full violence, very thematic elements, crude language at best, suggestive humor every escenes, and illegal drug and alcohol can be seen with sexual scenes.

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Plot Edit

It opens up at Steaming Salsa Land where the elders are guarding a secret super weapon. The entrance to the volcano opens, burning the Christian and Frankson Georgian elders on a molten rock. the Christian elder comments that he hates "this guy", and when all the smoke clears, we see a tall Pookie, Major Dietrich. He unleashes six of his soldiers, who shoot a bullet at the Ingrid elders heads, washing their brains of the events that happened. The Christian Elder, named Kristian, which is also the name of his grandson, is about to die and his skin is green from decomposition, his clothes are ripped up, he is missing his lower half of his body, and his forehead is ripped off and we can see his brain. Dietrich drags Kristian to his lair, where they do surgery on him as he screams in pain as he is about to die and he cannot even talk because his lungs were burned, they make him an iron lung (literally XD), a robotic brain, a metal forehead, and implant metal tubes into his heart so he can have blood pump into his heart.

Meanwhile, Florence and Vanessa, the Ingrid Elders, act normal and watch TV and whatnot. A news flash occurs while they are watching Gravity Falls about a zombie apocalypse occurring, but they are not interested. Vanessa goes on a walk and Florence goes to sleep with her plush kitten. She has a nightmare, but it turns into a good dream where she is hanging out with Sebastian, the other Christian Elder. She wakes up and runs over to Vanessa and tells her the zombie apocalypse is real. Vanessa packs her stuffed kitten and everything else and they escape. What they do not know is that the flying scooters that transport them off have all left.

Florence and Vanessa wait at the iceberg holding teddies, Florence saying "Son of a b*tch, where are those scooters?". Kristian ditches them saying "See ya later jerks!". Florence says "Hey do not ditch us you jerk!". They go over to Sebastian, however, his scooter does not fly and is made from a frying pan, a scorpion, and a radar dish. Florence does not like the scooter and they go away. They go to the underground gold mine on the computer to buy a flying scooter, but it costs $1,000,000. Florence smashes the computer with a hammer, shoots it with a Thompson Submachine Gun, chops it up with a chainsaw, burns it with a flamethrower, paints it with a color thrower, puts termites on it, puts stamps on it, and kills the termites with a Star Trek laser gun. The Mine collapses but Florence and Vanessa make it out. They go in the Hidden Lake but get attacked by a zombie. The zombie bites vanessa, but Florence kicks the zombie in the p*nis. The zombie attacks Florence put Florence dodges all it's bites so the zombie decapitates a knocked out Vanessa. Florence cries and commits suicide by shooting her self in the neck. With the zombie feeding on Vanessa's corpse, but surprisingly not Florence's. The story is handed down from the two generations, to the Florence III and Vanessa III, who are 6 and 11, respectively. Florence and Vanessa frown at the story about how their grandparents die, wondering how they were alive. Florence II explains that Florence married Sebastian, and gave birth to Florence II and Vanessa II, and then Florence II got married to Zak II. She also explains Florence I is not dead, just in a strong coma. Florence and Vanessa go to the hospital to see an unconscious Florence III. Florence III wakes up and Florence III and Vanessa III introduce to her as their grand kids. They go home to their igloo and watch Gravity Falls. By night, Florence I, Florence II, and Florence III talk with each other. Florence II explains that she was brought by Sheldon Christian, one of the Christian Elders, to Sebastian's Funeral. It turns out nobody wanted to go and they just wanted the free ice cream they were promised. They all got in a big fight. Florence laughs at the story, but is scowled by Florence II.

Major Dietrich drops a bomb over Puffle Park, causing every Pookie there to die and become zombies. Florence III and Vanessa III go to the Club Penguin moon and watch the concert held by Gilbert. The zombie arrives at 12:00 AM and cuts out Sheldon III's heart, killing him. Florence wakes up and tells everyone in the Ingrid house to get some weapons, but they have none. Florence says "Oh Ship. Crab!" but gets her brain clawed out by the zombie Vanessa III wakes up and has to use the bathroom, but that is where Florence was when the zombie killed her, so Vanessa III calls Florence on her phone, but still no response. Vanessa III gets out the key to the bathroom, opening the door.

She finds Florence dead on the floor and finds a note. It says "Dear husbands and my daughters and granddaughters. I am sorry. If I do not stand up tell everyone. It is the end of Club Penguin.". Vanessa III mourns Florence's death. At Kristian III's house, Vanesssa, Kristian, and Sebastian discuss the events that happened and the zombies killing elder Florence. Kristian III complains he lost his grandmother in law, but Sebastian III says he always hated the elder Florence. Kristian III gets mad and walks out and watches people's marriages over Ski Hill, and looks around the hill for Dietrich. Zombies secretly chase Kristian. Sebastian steps on Kristian and Kristian punches Sebastian really hard in the face, breaking his jaws. Sebastian stomps Kristian in the ground, and Kristian digs and punches Sebastian in the grapes. Sebastianrepeatedly stomps Kristian to the ground, and we hear footsteps. Kristian shoves Sebastian off ski hill, saying "So long, woo dumber(Kristian's word for doofus)!". Sebastian grabs the edge of the mountain, saying he digger(Sebastian word for dig). Kristian gets captured by Dietrich, a zombie, and zombie Florence. Sebastian, Sheldon, and Vanessa cry about how Kristian could be dead. Sebastian says "Oh ship" as zombies start climbing ski hill. At Dietrich's HQ, Kristian is tied to a bomb that will explode in 24 hours. Sebastian and Vanessa sneak in disguised as zombies with green paint on their faces. Vanesssa throws Sebastian at a wall. But they wipe the green paint off and zombie Florence catches them.

Vanessa and Tess, who also snuck in, run into the hamster ball escape pods and roll out of the lair. Sebastian gets out his laptop and stays at the lair to Vanessa's annoyance. Sebastian jumps in a hamster ball escape pod and escapes. Zak, who also snuck in, realizes there are no hamster balls left. Tess comes up with a plan. Someone opens the door: Sid, Luke and Fiona. Tess is happy to know that Fiona is alive. Sebastian says that it is awesome that Kristian is dead. Zombie Florence forms a plan: Kill the non zombies. Zombies will rule the world. The gang goes to Ernestein Kingdom, a giant city built on Bunny Hill. Fiona rolls a dice, put ends up losing her bet. Baylee who comes out of nowhere asks what they are doing, and Sebastian responds "Blackjack".Tess mourns over elder Florence's death, as all of them do. The lights turn off and turn on, this time red. Sebastian hates that this is happening. Zombie Florence arrives with the other zombies and is about to kill Sebastian. Everyone runs away except for Tess, who is hit with a hammer and falls to the ground, dead.

Sebastian finds Fiona with him at Ernestine Kingdom. The gang builds a submarine to go underwater. They get attacked by zombie divers but they kill the divers. They go to the mine to hide. Sebastian mentions r**ping Florence, which causes everyone to barf all over the floor. Maggie and Scarlett who they found at the mine get bored and leave. At Franklensen Land, Maggie and Scarlett talk about how scared people are. Scarlett says if a zombie came right now she would lick their p*nis. Franklensen Land grows a bunch of tombstones and becomes a cemetery from the bomb. Maggie and Scarlett escape but Vanessa and Zak arrive and get killed by a zombie. A fly bites their corpses causing extremities to fall off. Vanessa's glasses falls off and break on the floor. At the zombie lair, Zombie Florence is having a big party and smokes narcotics there. Zombie Florence salutes to the zombie queen Zoe. The gang finds the lair and here's music and decides to sneak in. Fiona eats a pie.

They come up with a plan. Jake wants them to use a chainsaw, but Florence III disagrees. Everyone starts dancing except for Krish, knowing the music is a trap. Florence is hypnotized and walks into the lair. Tess says "Son of a b*tch why am I dancing?". They all walk into the lair except for Krish who is captured. Florence wakes up and finds herself tied to a bomb with Kristian, Tess, Fiona, Jake, Krish, Glender, Scarlett, and Maggie. Elder Kristian misses Elder Florence, and wants to go out with her, Elder Kristian does not know what to do. Major Dietrich comes in and decapiates all the elders except Florence because she is a zombie and Kristian, because they snuck in to untie the Pookies tied to the bomb as their heads roll on the floor with pools of red blood. Elder Kristian stays good but Zombie Florence calls him a p*nis so he joins them. Elder Kristian says "Poop! Turd! R**e! Jerk! Eggs!" and starts crying. Elder Kristian joins the zombies by getting decapitated. Tess says she will join the zombies if she gets some weed. Zoe throws her some weed which Tess smokes but declines and still stays with the heroes.

Florence knocks the bomb she is typed to out the window of the lair and falls down for infinity, but Krish unties them and they grab a ledge, with the bomb falling down, blowing up the middle of the tower. All the other Pookies that were not typed to the bomb that were still alive were trapped in. The middle of the tower and get caught in the explosion, blow up, and die. With even more zombies, the nine Pookies that are not zombies escape the tower and run to a cafe. With the whole world collapsed except for where the tower and a Mimi's Cafe, the nine Pookies escape into the cafe. Nobody is there because everyone died except for them. The cafe and tower's land they are on collapses and fall into giant thick ravines. The zombies, which there are millions of by now, try to break into the cafe, but Florence finds a spell book and finds the spell "Kcuf", which is the only thing that can kill zombies, which is used by singing a 9 part harmony. The nine non zombie pookies sing "Dirty Deeds and They're Done Dirt Cheap" on top of the cafe, which causes all the zombies heads to explode and die. Florence finds zombie Vanessa on the floor dying, and Vanessa says she will join Florence, but dies. The whole world come back to normal, but everyone who died and turned into zombies and dyed as zombies is dead forever. Florence, Kristian, Tess, Fiona, Jake, Krish, Glender, Scarlett, and Maggie cry at the graves they dug for they're friends and family who dyed and turned into zombies and dyed as zombies which are gone forever and ever, as a giant eagle flies over the mountains.