Pookie DeathHouse is a show that airs on Pengy Kids every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. . Mostly middles watch it, but it's for everyone! It has 105 episodes and currently has 3 seasons with a 4th one coming November 19, 2015.

About Edit

It is about three stupid Pookies named Lina, Ariana and Eleanor Springs. They are all stupid sisters. It is about the three stupid Pookies being beated by a gang named the PHD, a good bunch of people torturing Pookies for good actions! 

Episodes: If you see **, that means it hasn't aired yet Edit

SEASON 1: over 30 episodes with 13 specials!Edit

All the episodes are about the weaker tortures: hits, slaps, tearing off hairs and nails.Edit

SEASON 2: 28 episodes! with some spin-offs! Edit

The tortures are now upgraded: the hits are more brutal and some tools like hammers, knifes and clubs are added!

SEASON: 3 about 40 episodes, ft. 10 bonus: making of, how many pookies were killed and more!Edit

Now its about Pookies being burn in some parts of their body, their flesh are torn off and acids on them.

SEASON 4: 10 episodes, not much BUT WITH A DOZEN OF MOVIES!!! Edit

Pookies are beated to near death but are healed back for more tortures, their limbs are cut off, they are raped and in the lasts episodes, they are eye gouged. THeir organs are ripped of in the last episode and burned to death. Their corpses are eated by dogs.