Plasman (also known as Plasma Man or "Plasm/Plasma/Plasmy" by his friends and workmates) is a Super Hero who's powers are focused on Plasma Matter. He also hates Pookies, being able to kill them all in the 5th Universe alongside Minato Eobard from A-Verse and Agent B, even Kobra helped them too.

Origin & Story Edit

Agelarnian from the 5th Universe, Jikicho was a "simple head" who wanted peace and love despite the war and rage going on his planet. One day, he tried to save some people in a Plasma Wave Raid (like tsunamis but with plasma and it is MORE DANGEROUS!!!) and tried to sacrifice his life to save the innocents. However, some Gods saw his determination and at the moment of the wave's impact, the Gods grow Jikicho's determination into higher levels and his determination fused into the closest matter in contact with him: Plasma. Thus, all the Plasma Wave fused into him with the Godly Determination and then came to birth Plasman, the Man of Plasma!