Earth is a planet and possibly the most well known one but not the ONLY planet in it's universe. There is more planets in the universe and even in Multiverses, with an insane amount of Galaxies, full of different Planet Systems. Here is a some planets from other places in the vast Cosmos.

Planets Edit

About: Derallax is known for the massive amount of crystals and precious gems since the core is blazing the layers of hard rock next to the core. Derallians make and create gems with a rare beauty, one of the most rich nations in the Veruvian System. One of the most popular gems is the StuggStone, good for crafting armors, blades and swords, guns, houses, etc. StuggStone is currently the most sell gem in the entire Veruvian System and one of the most wanted object in the entire Veruvian Galaxy.

Origin: A legend says that Derallax was created by 2 Elementals: Tremorkk(Earth Element) and Firax (Fire Element). Both have engage a fight to who will take the planet under control. It leave into the result of a burned and dried planet, ravaged from the battle. A peace pact was made, they worked on and created the very first life form on Derallax: they were the Primo-Derras. The very ancestors of the Derallians, you can say they are like Earth's cave people.

Moons: Derallax has 2 moons: Fjord-33 and Fjord-34. Both are hot, blazing moons, while Fjord-33 is a bit more cold than than it's twin. Recently, Derallians wanted to make moon Fjord-34 into a populate planet which they succed and the population is starting growing in a fast rate being 25 millions. As for Fjord-33, the council decided to wait a bit more, to fully colonize Fjord-34. It is said both moons have "air" for the people to breath on.