Penguins are the "avatars" of those who plays on Club Penguin. They are the most popular race of beings in Club Penguin Island. Penguins come in 14 different colors but can be up to 20+ since the multiverse events. During your entire time on Club Penguin and any CPPS Games, you are a Penguin. However, with a potion you can be a Ghost, a Puffle or any creatures you want! On other CPPS Games, you can be any creatures by going in the Options set up (some CPPS games allow this, others not).

Penguin Colors

The original 12 colors on Club Penguin. On CPPS games you can have more than those colors, even Super Red and Gold colors! Yellow is pure shite.


A member Penguin on Club Penguin.

When you join Club Penguin you are given a cap and background as a starter pack, with 500-800 money ($). You can then buy clothes for your Penguin at the . Shown below. To buy most clothes you will need to have a Membership, which can have a max of 12 months+.

It is not the same as on other CPPS, such as Free Penguin and Penguin Oasis: this game is free for everyone and apparently the CPPS game to have free items, even if you "buy", your money does not change. So earning money from mini-games is kind of USELESS.