PengDirect Network is a channel provider that most CP families use. It provides these channels:

Pengy Deathhouse (Channel 52)

Pengy JR (Channel 53)

Pengy Tweens (Channel 54)

Pengy Adults (Channel 55)

Pengy Grown Da Fouk Up! Zone (Channel 56)

Pengy Teens ( Channel 57)

The Pengy Lifestyle (Channel 80)

Pengy (A channel with all channels above combined, Channel 81)

World Action (Channel 82)

Pengy Biggies (Channel 83)

Pengy Education (Channel 84)

Pengy Horror (Channel that provides horror shows and films, Channel 85)

Pengy Pre-K (Channel 86)

Pengy Reality (Provides reality shows, Channel 90)

Pengylodeon (Channel 91)

Pengy Uppies (Channel 92)

Subscripion to PengDirect Network costs 275 coins per month.