Life Of Cancer is shit ass movie, aimed at middles but good for all ages. It is about the life of a girl, Ulyana Clark. It has many aspects of her life, including her struggle with bullying and her mom's death, befriending Angeline Aura Quartz, the school demi-gem (who is also kinda popular), her dream to be an artist coming true sooner than she thought, and writing a short novel with her friends, MJ and Angeline. It is 2 hours and 45 minutes long in the fanon universe, but the time is unknown if it were made on It was written by Perry Sugar. It is a very old movie, from 2006 in the fanon world.

Characters Edit

Ulyana Clark (her age changes through the movie)

Daniel Clark, Ulyana's father (his age changes, but it starts with him being 31)

Sarah Clark, Ulyana's half sister and pen pal (Her age changes, but it starts at 13)

Melody "MJ" Allen (It starts with her being 9)

Angeline Aura Quartz (Ulyana meets her at age 11)

Gretchen Aura Quartz (Angeline's little sis, SVTFOE fangirl)

Xander Ford (Ulyana's middle school crush)

Fred and Ricky Smith (Some kids who hate Ulyana for no reason, this started in 2nd grade)

Harmony Clark (Ulyana's mom, but she died of cancer when Ulyana was 4)

Miss Darusae (Ulyana's middle school art teacher, who helps her with her dream) (pronounced darr-oo-say)

Julian Willis (Ricky and Fred's friend, has a crush on Ulyana)

Trainzie Derpton (Ulyana's imaginary friend, is a train xD)

Abigail Mitsuki (Half Japanese, Ulyana's cyber-bestie since age 8) Signups Edit

Ulyana - Sorry but only UC (aka me) can be Ulyana.

Sarah - Thingofnothing

Gretchen - StarButterflyBFF

everyone else open