The man known as Li Xiaon Xishun was a legendary penguin warrior whom lived between -4061 to -12 and was the great great great great (time 400 lol) ancestor of Bao Xishun (the tallest man alive from 2005 to 2009). Since his rebirth, Li Xiaon needed a new identity and origin: he is known as Râo Li-Shun (sometimes he changes it as "Raoul Xiao-Long").

Biography Edit

As a proud penguin who lives in the Shah-Feng tribe of the Northern Mountains, Li Xiaon Xishun was feared by many because of his gifted talent: the ability to perceive the future. It is actually fore sighting but at an incredible level, near and very close to Future Vision power. Xiaon was able to see the incoming attacks and dodge, parry and block them all but with the help of his 6th sense he trained so hard with and the "Amulet of Ren-Ai" (a powerful and useful amulet that is said to be blessed by the Gods of Above, it allows the user to predict the future for a certain time), this increase his incredible talent of "seeing the future". When Li Xiao was 12 years old, he already mastered all the techniques of the Shah-Feng tribe in less than a year, which makes him as a chosen one.