Kill Kill Times is a newspaper in CP, mostly for adults, but there are sections in the papers about Pookie Kill n' Rape and Biggie Torture: How to Kill those retards. It is a very popular newspaper and still rising on this day. Kaian The Lord is the boss of it, as well as the owner of the newspaper. His igloo is the office and HQ.

Issue 1Edit

Main Story: Stampy Cat Girl's Family Diner Edit

We, the writers of this newspaper, is happy to announce that the long awaited Diner has been opened! "We hope to make a lot of penguins lives entertained, and always remember there childhood." Says the owner. We recommend going there, as it is for everyone of all ages. It is located next to the Hotel, so before to check it out! - Soap, your advice writer.

Fam Fam Ideas! Edit

Does your pookie look sad? Have some of yours ran away? Do your biggies look down and depressed? Well, you've come to the right place! Here, we can help YOU with YOUR problems! If the Pukies are sad, BEAT THEM UP LIKE SANDBAG!!! They like it and they are made for! If some ran aways, stalk them and raped them. Biggies sad? Tell them to join the Killing Pookie Fest!!! Then tell them to kill themself.

Channels Edit

Hi Guys! We know how it feels that you just watch the same thing over and over again. You probably are getting tired of the Candy Cat's Network. Want to watch something else? Than try Pengy Network! They are aimed for Pookie Kill of all ages, raping them with great pleasure! We promise every Sunday new episodes! Don't forget to check them out! - Kaian The Lord

Issue 2Edit

Coming Soon, In A Galaxy Far Away... (XD)