Kântou Sankwô Akitô or known as Kanto Akito and simply Kanto, is a former karateka, wrestler (both student and trainer, even being referee), boxing champion and shaolin warrior, now Taekwondo, street brawler and Wing chun fighter and now a former martial artist/sport combat teacher, who is secretly a superhero and is working with Mr. Happy, in the Thunder Force, raider section. He is training to become the best fighter in the world and even going beyond his limits.

Biography Edit

Kantou is born from an strict yet abusive Derallian father and an Earthling mother. His dad constantly want Kantou to become a perfect warrior, to the point he force his own son to train hard. If Kantou refuses, his father will beat him for hours. Kantou quickly learned how to not disobey to his father, however he still plan to destroy his dad. His mother is sweet and kind, lovely and do anything to help Kantou but her husband even hit her when she tries to help her son. One day, Kantou's dad was so drunk (as usual since he is a drunk bastard) he beat, raped, eye gouged her, broke her rib cage with a hammer and hew jaw, strangle and burned Kantou's mom. Kantou snapped and realize how strong he became with all this harsh training, even far superior than his dad's strength. In act of rage, Kantou slammed his father in the walls many times and hit with all his wrath, almost killing his dad with each blows. Then he decided to lock his dad in the basement, so he can beat his dad again on a daily basis. 2 years of torture later and he decided to kill him in a slow death.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He is a master of Taekwondo (both types: ITF and WTF, even other styles), Karate (Shotokan, Gojo Ryu, Shuri-Te, Kyokushin), Wrestling (he knows all techniques, cheap tricks to pro moves, he used them to the extreme) Boxing (Kanto is a Swarmer, Slugger, Out-Boxer and Boxer Puncher, with the addition of being a Switch-Hitter), Shaolin (he knows the 5 Shaolin Animals like an easy routine) and knows some techniques of a most secret Japanese martial art: "Sankongo-Ken" (meaning "The Way of the Three Forces"). Kanto appears also to known very well "Kuken-Do" (Nippon Kenpō).

Thanks to his father's Derallian origin, Kanto Akitou has an abnormal anatomy system: his body can tank the strongest blows possible, like bullet from an enhanced AK-47 with plasma power upgrade and even fire being hot as the temperature of the Earth's heat core! Kanto manage to take Mr. Happy's Elasto-Fist at 40% Power at point blank range, being strong as 2.8 atomic nukes!