Jurassic World

The infamous logo, Pukies fear so much of it they died of heart attack.

Jurassic World is a successful theme park on Isla Nublar directed for Penguins. It was open after Indominus Rex broke out and killed all the Pukies, zero Penguins. 10 times in a day, 30 Pookshits are being put in the Indominus' cage to be eaten.

Story Edit

Characters Edit

Protagonists/Heroes Edit

Hakaya: A Penguin who was born in the south of Club Penguin, her name explain all. She's a scientist from the lab research department of the Jurassic Park.

Antagonists/Villains Edit

Juna Lilo: The main "Pookie antagonist". By far one of the most cancerous Pookies to ever existed. She died being chewed slowly for 2 hours by the Indominus Rex, then stomped and eaten alive.

Kenziee: Her real name is supposedly being "Kenzie Estonia", hence the 2nd "e". Known to "hack" people (while all he do is sending messages with crappy insults), Kenziee is known for her swearing and racist behavior.