Junkiefer Merde Wonks is a homeless Pukie in Club Penguin. She lives in a ripped cardboard box near the Club Penguin Bar, she is being raped nonstop by drunk Penguins.

How did she become homeless? Edit

Junkifer was born in a fam fam that didn't appreciate her at all. She was almost always abused by her mumu and whipped with a belt by her dudu. Jennifer also had a wista named Maddie that the parents loved and adored. Sometimes Maddie would take part in the abusive acts. One day, Jennifer had enough and left the house and never came back. She had permanent bruses and scars from her abusive fam. She then met another homeless pookie who was also abused named Paige. They quickly evolved a friendship, and were really close. Jennifer realized she had 30$ in her pocket, and the two went to McDonalds to buy some happy meals. Paige later got adopted and Jennifer was left by herself. She then was very sad, and jumped off the top of the Lighthouse. Until Paris and Mason (the hosts of Pengy Tweens Network) caught her, and adopted her. Jennifer now lives a happy life with the two, an uppie named Mittens, a wista named Melody, and a broder named Dave.