James Falcon (full birth-name: James Douglas Falcon Jr. The 3rd) also known as "Falcon JR." or "Captain Falcon Rebirth", is a hero who carries the Falcon Blood within his soul: he is the very last descendant of the popular known hero Captain Falcon. A full-time hero, he tracks criminals and evildoers all day, the night he does some martial arts or racing, like what his great-grandfather used to do. He choose the hero alias name of "Captain Blue Bird", as an homage reference for his great-grandfather. He is also known to be Richie's closest best friend.

  • James is commonly called "Falcon" because of his family name but mostly his favorite animal bird.
  • He carries at least 2-5 falcon birds with him when fighting.
  • Knows TaekwondoShorin Ryu KarateShorinji Ryu KempoFrench Boxing, Savate, English Boxing.
  • James is known to be one of the very last descendants of the heroic famous Captain Falcon (researches even shown James might be the last one of Captain's lineage). However, James Falcon do not want to be the last one descendant so he plan to be married, having kids and wants to see, if possible, other siblings like him, caring the Falcon Blood.
  • Falcon is sometimes called "Jay", since James' mother lineage is from the Azura Jays bloodline. His powers related to Jays are into speed, running fast and striking quickly.