A story about memes. So yeah guys, we did it: we reached the point of no return: the fact AFAFAFAF oh shit the communikasion is dedass lawlawlawlawlawlawlawlal KILL THE PUKIES!!!!!

Characters Edit

Isabella Horny

Agent Smith

Bella Horniest

Daniel Hornier

Mister Smith

Alec Smithful

Hoe Harrassment

Chapter 1 : Kill Each Other Edit

One day, there was a little cancerous pookie girl called Isabella Horny. Her mumu, Bella Horner and her dada, Daniel Horny were planning to take her to the playground. Isabella ran towards the pookie playground because she was so retarded. A pookie girl sat under the slide looking upset so Isabella went to her but they got killed from heroes, Daniel's peepee got cut and Bella has been impaled by the Three Tengus. Pingus arrived and rapes Isabella, while James grabbed Rachel and raped her too! So good!

Chapter 2: Coming For Tea Edit

The pookies were brought to the heroes' prison, as they are now slaves. Isa and Rachie are being retarded as ever, like all the other Pukies does. For several hours, they were whip and slapped hard on their skin, screaming "waaaaaaaaaaaa" but they get hit even more if they say "Waaaaaaaa" as the heroes tell them the real scream they must say is "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!". It wasn't easy at first but they manage to do so.

Chapter 3: Coming Outside Again Edit


The same thing goes everyday, all weeks, for months and years were being counted. The pookies forgot their names (which is good lmao!!!!!!!!!!) but they end up being autistic a lot. They were killed, then reborn, etc. as a big vicious cycle without a single possible end. The heroes manage to free them and test other stuff on them.