A story

Characters Edit

Isabella Horner

Rachel Smith

Bella Horner

Daniel Horner

Jenna Smith

Alex Smith

Chloe Harrison

Chapter 1 : Meeting Each Other Edit

One day, there was a little pookie girl called Isabella Horner. Her mumu, Bella Horner and her dada, Daniel Horner were planning to take her to the playground. Isabella ran towards the pookie playground because she was so excited. A pookie girl sat under the slide looking upset so Isabella went to her. " Are woo otay!" she asked. " Mo! Mo one wikes mwe!" cried the girl. " Mwe wike woo! Mwe Isabella Horner!" smiled Isabella. " Mwe Rachel! Wetz bwe fwiends!" giggled Rachel. They played on the swings, the roundabout everything!

Chapter 2: Coming For Tea Edit

Mrs Horner said it was hometime. " Bwut mumu, I want to pway with mwy new fwend for wonger!" wailed Isabella. " How about she comes for tea!" smiled Rachel's mumu. " WAY!!" screamed Rachel and Isabella. They walked home giggling and laughing and chatting and nattering. They went to Rachel's house for supper and they had a rare playroom just for them! It was dinner time ( Elmo Pizza) and Isabella and Rachel ran to tea. " I wove elmo pwizza!" yelled Rachel across the room! They ate it so fast they nearly threw up! It was soon hometime but Isabella didn't want to leave. " Mo mumu i want to stway!!" cried Isabella. " Awww! You can come tomorrow sweetie!" smiled Mrs Horner.

Chapter 3: Coming Outside Again Edit