Homeless Pookies are stupid pookies that roleplay as poor and hungry pookies, who will the later die. They are basically the poor version of normal pookies but more sad, cringy and cancerous. They are also very good to be beated/raped/killed since the Homeless are depressed and they are weak.

How Do They Act? Edit

Instead of saying something happy like "Smiles So Bright Mr Sun Hides In Shame", they would say "Sighs As Knows Will Never Be Picked". They often use the sad or depressed emotes, some willing to die and commit suicide, let them killed themself in this case.

Trivia Edit

  • Diva pookies and MELDs often bully homeless pookies.
  • It is not very rare for a Diva or MELD to be a homeless pookie but common to all other Pookies since they have no home and goes to Petshop.
  • Sometimes, they might explain how they are homeless. (I.e: "Lost Fam Fam in car crash)
  • It is very common for homeless pookie to be beated, since no wants disgusting homeless shits so those Poor Pookies are easy to kill.
  • Homeless pookies are the ones who believe that pookies don't have nice clothes before they are picked, which is true.
  • They probably didn't make it to the Pet Shop when they became orphans, so they didn't even have a place to stay. They are more extreme orphans than regular pookies. (Note: all pookies are mocking real life orphans)
  • Since 2012, Homeless Pookies are rare since many where killed but some were tired to be homeless and always sad. It was in 2014 when all homeless have ceased to appear.