Florence Ingrid III is the main character of Pookies: The Zombie Apocalypse, and later, Pookies. Florence, Kristian, Tess, Fiona, Jake, Krish, Glender, Fritz, and Maggie are the only Pookies who survive the whole movie, though they had a near death experience while plunging to their death strapped to the bomb, if it was not for Krish untying them.


Personality Edit

Florence is the smartest Pookie in Pookies: The Zombie Apocalypse and was also the one who thought of breaking the window while the 8 other smartest Pookies were strapped to a bomb with her. She is also like a teenager, using text language like IKR and XD as part of her vocabulary. She is also the smartest out of all the Pookies.

Appearance Edit

Florence has red hair, pale skin, and freckles, fitting in exactly with the South Park term "ginger". Florence wears a white tank top, a and red shoes. She also has brown eyes.

Trivia Edit

Florence Ingrid is not to be confused with Florence from Venture, which are completely different characters and their only similarity is them being "ginger".