A fanfiction about a pookie called Daisy Jones who is tired of getting abused by an abusive mumu and dudu and runs away.

Chapter 1 - Daisy's Family Edit

Daisy was a 3 year old little pookie who got adopted by an abusive family. She was locked in her dirty, empty room by her mumu and Daisy sat there looking upset. "How I wish for a nice famfam!" Daisy sighed. "DAISY, GET YOUR DUDU AND ME A CUP OF COFFEE RIGHT NOW YOU IDIOT!" yelled her mumu. "Otay mumu, mwe will mwake it!" Daisy replied. She put a orange inside the cup and the coffee and bringed it to mumu and dudu. They tasted it and they shouted "DAISY WE DIDN'T WANT THE ORANGE!". "Oh sworry!" said Daisy in fright. Mumu chased her to her room and locked her in.

Chapter 2 - Daisy Runs Away Edit

Daisy cried in her room. Then she thought "I cant emphasise enough of mumu and dudu! Im wunning away!" TBA