This is a sad yet happy story

Characters Edit

Ella Renee Hollister

Kylie May Hollister

Abigail Joy Hollister

Brooke Rae Hollister

Blake Charles Hollister

Kendall Green Hollister

Adam David Woods

Sara Joyce Woods

Molly Emerald Woods

Fluffy the Uppie

Doctor Gooseberry

Chapter 1: Getting Adopted Edit

One stormy evening in the pet shop, two sisters lay in the freezing pet shop. " Gosh Ella! Are we ever gonna get pwicked?" asked one of the girls shivering in fear. " I hope we do Kylie!" replied Ella. The next morning, the two can see a lot of pookies getting picked. Then a golden limo pulled up to the pet shop. Ella and Kylie were shocked. A mumu walked out of the limo and a red carpet rolled out. " I hope swe pwicks us!" clapped Ella excitedly. " I bet we aren't!" replied Kylie. The mumu was looking for a cutie wutie. Kylie and Ella stared. The mumu came over to the two girls. " Hello cuties!" said the mumu. " Wewo!" replied Kylie and Ella. The mumu picked them up and twirled and said they picked them. " WAY!" shouted Ella and Kylie. A lady tapped the mumu's shoulder. " Can I be biggy?" she asked. " Yes!" said the mumu. " Mo, I didn't want a biggy," Ella whispered to Kylie. " Mwe two!" whispered Kylie back. " WELL TOO LATE! YOU GOT ONE!" shouted the biggy.

Chapter 2: Settling In To New Home Edit

The new home was amazing and beautiful. " Wowie!" said Kylie and Ella. Abigail was the biggy of the famfam. " Mumu?? Can we have elmo pancakes?" Kylie asked. " Of course you both can. You have a duh-duh and I bet he would love to see you!" smiled Mumu. While Mumu was cooking the pancakes, Kylie and Ella went into biggys room. " Bwiggy?" asked Ella. " GO AWAY LITTLE FLEABAGS!" shouted Abigail. Kylie and Ella sat in their rooms sadly. " I wish we didn't hwave a bwiggy!" sighed Ella. " Yeah, mwe two!" replied Kylie. Mumu came into their rooms and said " Whats wrong pumpkins?". " Bwiggy yelled at uws!" replied Ella. " Awww, I will shout at biggy!" said Mumu

Chapter 3: Mean Biggy Edit

" ABIGAIL JOY HOLLISTER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR LITTLE SISTERS!" yelled Mumu. " NOTHING!!!!" replied Abigail. Mumu carried Ella and Kylie down to tea and duh-duh came back. " Awww! Are these your little tiny cuties!" said Blake. " Yes, they are very cute. We also have a biggy!" said Brooke. After tea, Abigail had to wash Kylie and Ella. " LITTLE CUTIES EH! YOUR NOT EVEN ONE BIG CUTE AND YOUR BOTH LOSERS!" yelled Abigail. Ella and Kylie were frightened to death. " Mo we mot!" replied Kylie. " Now what on earth is all this shouting?" asked Brooke. " Bwiggy say we lwosers" replied Ella. " ONE MORE THING MEAN TO YOUR POOKIES YOUR GROUNDED OK!" shouted Mumu to Abigail. It was soon dark. When Kylie and Ella went to sleep. Abigail took them out of bed and took them to her friend, Molly Woods igloo.

Chapter 4: In A New Home Edit

The next day came and Kylie and Ella woke up. " This isn't our home, Kylie!" said Ella worried. " How! How are we!" gasped Kylie. A little boy pookie came in. " Wewo!" said the boy. " Wewo!" replied Ella and Kylie. The boy's biggy came in and loved the two pookies. " Awwwh! How adorable pookies they are!" gasped the biggy. " My name is Molly and this is Adam!". " Oh Wewo! Have you heard of our horrible biggy called Abigail Hollister?" asked Kylie. " Yes, shes my friend! Why is she horrible?" replied Molly. " Well, she shouts at us all the time!" said Ella. " Oh! How rude of her! I dont like her anymore!" said Molly

Chapter 5: Looking For Kylie and Ella Edit

The Hollister's woke up. Brooke went into the twins room but she was shocked when they were gone! " KYLIE! ELLA! WHERE ARE YOU!" shouted Brooke. She began to cry. " Whats the matter babe and wheres Kylie and Ella?" asked Blake. " There gone!" cried Brooke. " Lets see if Abigail knows anything about this!" thought Duh-Duh. " ABIGAIL LET ME IN NOW!!" shouted Blake. " Fine!" said Abigail. " WHERE IS KYLIE AND ELLA!" shouted Brooke. " Well, I took them to the Wood's family igloo because they are dumb!" yelled Abigail. " YOU LITTLE BRAT! YOU ARE GROUNDED AND I AM TAKING AWAY YOUR IPHONE, COMPUTER AND EVERYTHING!" yelled Blake and Brooke.

Chapter 6: Finding Ella and Kylie Edit

Brooke ran across town to the Wood's igloo. Meanwhile, at the Wood's igloo, Kylie and Ella were meeting Sara, Adam and Molly's mumu. The doorbell rang. " Now I wonder who that can be?" wondered Sara. " Oh Im just so sorry but is Kylie and Ella here!" asked Brooke. " Of course they are, let me just get them!" replied Sara. " Kylie and Ella, someone is here for you!" said Sara. Ella and Kylie were just so amazed who they saw. " MUMU!!!!!!!!" they yelled. " Im so sorry cutiepies. It wasn't me who took you here. It was biggy!" sobbed Brooke. " Dwont cwy mumu!" said Ella. " We mot mwad at woo!" said Kylie.

Chapter 7: Coming Home and Getting A Uppie and New Biggy Edit

Ella and Kylie were strapped into their pink fluffy stroller and taken back home. " Now, who wants a uppie?" asked Mumu. " MWE!" yelled Ella and Kylie. Kylie spotted the perfect uppie. " Twhat owne mumu!" yelled Kylie. Ella wanted to call it Fluf and Kylie wanted to call it Fy. " Now lets not argue. Lets call it Fluffy ok!" smiled Brooke. " Wes gwood idea!" agreed the two friends. A lady tapped the shoulder. " Yes!" said Brooke. " Biggy plz? I am nice!" smiled the biggy. " Sure ting!" said Kylie, Ella and Brooke. " I am Kendall!" said Kendal

Chapter 8: Ella and Kylie turn into a Middle Edit

A few months later it was Ella and Kylie's 8th birthday. Kendall, Brooke, Fluffy and Blake were so proud that their little angels were growing so fast. After their birthday, Kendall asked if they wanted to learn how to skate! " We would love to skate!" said Ella and Kylie, When they reached, Ella fell of a hedge OUCH!

Chapter 9: The End Of It All Edit

Ella was unconcious and bleeding from the head severely. She had to be rushed to hospital. Kylie cried as Ella's brain died off. " Bye Kylie, I love you!" Ella said her last words and died. " NO ELLA!" cried Kylie. Kylie wanted to be with Ella so she climbed a cliff and jumped off and died. Good thing Dr Gooseberry saved them

Chapter 10: Funeral Edit

Ella and Kylie were beried into a hole. Brooke, Fluffy, Kendall, Blake, Adam, Molly and Sara miss her so much