Elenor Emerald Seraphim Fitzgerald is the former sister in law of hero Captain Blue Bird . When the night comes, she secretly disguise herself as a insane villain under the alias of "Venta Arai" and works for the Club Penguin Mafia. Since her accident in August 2013, she changed her name into "The Flying Ventrax" and terrorize the citizens with her powers and disgusting appearance.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Elenor was born in 8 December 1978, inside a rich bourgeoisie family known for having petrol affairs, illegal slavery, bartering, dangerous drugs and having connection with mafia groups.

Powers, Abilities & Skills Edit

Powers Edit

  • Pyrokinesis: When she became Ventrax, Elenor is able to use the power of fire.

Abilities Edit

  • Peak Human Strength: Elenor's vigorous training of hell manage to give her a strength that is over the average human being and she can destroy walls with only a punch. Thanks to the training she received from her Kyokan-Ken Do War Style training program and fused with other types of training protocols, Elenor's body strength was off the charts and not to be taken lightly.
    • Enhanced Strength (Class B++): After her defeat from James Falcon, she was fueled with rage and wanted to be stronger: in her madness she injected herself the Dopax Drug, which temporary multiply her strength by 12.5 times and allows her to break iron doors with small strikes, lifting cars with little efforts and make her even more dangerous. The later she decided to cybernetic implants insider her body, upgrading her strength to the point she can lift 5 cars all by herself. Later, her implants were upgraded and were able to inject Doax Drug fluids all in her body, this time permanent and she was insanely powerful.
      • Superhuman Strength (Class AA+): As the Flying Ventrax, her strength became non-human and seen as a monster. Elenor's strength grant her the ability to bash buildings down like blowing sheets with wind, creating earthquakes of a magnitude over 4.5, highly injuring James Falcon with only a strike.
  • Super Speed:
  • Heavy Endurance:
  • High Stamina:

Skills Edit

  • Multilingualism: Elenor is able to speak English, French, Old English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indian, Arab languages and Egyptian. Her newest languages are Russian and German.

Kyokan-Ken Do War Style Edit

Her entire family are using the Kyokan-Ken Do, a martial art that originates from Ancient India, China and Japan. Consisting of a fusion of Kalaripayattu, Luohan Quan and To-De, the martial art is using lethal strikes on the vital areas and grappling from various Judo techniques such as using powerful throws that are able to easily break someone's bones upon impact on the ground. Locking techniques to neutralize enemies and break their joints with the most minimal efforts possible from Aikido.