Deus Rex/D3us R3x is semi-active agent from the Pookshit Killing Army, a former/fouding member of Southern Warriors, an active member in the USA Army (being a general highly graded) and also active member in Thunder Force. Known from his nickname of "Zeus Destroy" in the Club Penguin Civil War of 2012 event, his enemies couldn't track him easily by changing his profile data and name, birthplace, etc.

Biography Edit

Deus Rex's parents are a what it made him today: his mother is an agent from many agencies and armies (she was also a former government agent), while his father was a skilled fighters in many martial arts, having strong energy powers, working in smaller gangs and prefers to be alone. His mother was more of the technology weapons and knowledge of assassins and spies, while his dad was more on the battlefield and war. But with the 2 of them created a powerful child: Deus Rex is born. His full name is unknown, although we all know "Rex" came from his code-name when entering in the EPF and armies, while Deus was referred for his "godlike powers". Rumors state he has a secret sibling or even siblings, which it's yet to be confirmed.

In the Club Penguin Civil War, a war that raged for 8 years, Deus was 14 years old and decided to put his skills on test: there was many sides but some of the most powerful were The Tubas, EPF, RPF and Penguin Union. He decided to betray the EPF and RPF, to trick both of them as he manage to make them fight each others. Deus decided to attack the Tubas and PR, killing a lot of members and the later raided the RPF and EPF, all 4 factions were heavily destroyed (headquarters and soldiers). On this day, he took the name of "Zeus Destroy", showing his powerful name to all the clans and armies, fearing his name.

Powers, Skills and Abilities Edit

Despite his enormous strength, Deus Rex is not "no brain, only brawn": he studied in various martial arts, sharpening his skills and also even try near death experiences such as avoiding adamantine bullets.