"Concentrating on Cassandra" is a TV show that airs on Star TV Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m.

About Edit

The series is about a 19 year old penguin named Cassandra Diaz living in Port Pengu in New Penguin City.

When she was hit by a car when she was in her late teens, her boyfriend Louis had to keep taking care of her in the hospital when her parents were away, but he keeps focusing on taking drugs, drinking, committing crimes, and selling drugs. Cassandra wishes that Louis would care about her severe marks and bruises from the incident, and asks Louis if he cares everyday via text, but he gives no response. The show has two seasons with 30 episodes with a third one coming January 2016.

Characters Edit

Cassandra Diaz

Cassandra Mildred Diaz is a sweet, loving, teenager. She was diagnosed with Asthma at age 8, and was hit by a car in her late teens when riding on her skateboard, not knowing a car was coming her way. She told her parents and treated her, and cared, but she then went to the Hospital, as nothing was working. She now stays in the Hospital until her body's aches and pains improve.

Louis Middleton

Louis Stewart Middleton is Cassandra's abusive, careless, lazy, drug dealing boyfriend. Louis is a drug dealer, and sells Meth, Cocaine and Weed. He was in jail too many times to count, and stabbed 30 people in a convenience store at one point. He is asked to take care of Cassandra when her parents are out for a bit, getting stuff they need, etc.

Louis just keeps to himself when left alone with Cassandra while she suffers. Cassandra always asks Louis "Do you even care that I'm suffering? You're a boyfriend. Act like one." Louis never answers, and Cassandra just silently cries.

Mrs. Jennifer Diaz

Mrs. Jennifer Ingrid Diaz is Cassandra's mother.

Mr. Jamarcus Diaz

Mr. Jamarcus Joshua is Cassandra's father.