Agelarn or Agèrlàrnk, is a frost country in the Ice Realm, in the North of the dimension. The population's number is currently unknown since the discovery of Agelarn (Agelarn was discovered in the 2940's in our current timeline, while the alternate timeline is 1889 or 1890 and as for Universe 14, it was in 3058), many tried to search more deeper in this place but they were never seen again due to some Frost Beings who don't like unwanted visitors. The word "Agelarn" means "Frozen Island" ("Agel" means frost and "Arn" is a land or island) but "Agèrlàrnk" is "Frozen World/Planet".

History of Agelarn Edit

About a some "Youth Eons" ago, the Omniverse was nothing but fresh and young indeed. The Youth Eons are a period when the Omniverse was just born and some Universes became to "multiply" themselves into Multiverses in an incredibly fast production speed. Some certain places in the vast cosmos were burning blazing hot, while there was huge or small warm places. But the between the stars and planets, systems and giant stars, galaxies and void holes, there was a cold spots where planets similar to Pluto, even galaxies are born but cold. So is Agelarn: 2nd oldest planet of it's system, the "Laranka System". Laranka means "Cold Star of Sorrows" in some of the system's native languages and by the physical look, the star is all but a dark blue in the form of a water droplet, with making strange noises of someone crying. However, the star can make some wishes accorded to legends: in a fresh night under the four blue full moons, you can make one single wish. A tale tells a young princess make a wish and manage to make the war stop on the planet, being all ravaged and destroyed from the very hate.