"You want to know how I feel? I'm losing feeling's for you. Firstly, you're 30 years old and I just feel so young to you because of the age gap. Plus, you've not really met my expectations at all, and you don't know what I've been through. Then, secondly I just feel like all you do is roleplay and you don't take things seriously whenever you're upset or mad or anything else. Like I get so bored of roleplaying. Also, you was getting all worked up at me because of how i told you to keep the lovey dovey stuff in pm's. Also, i've heard so much about her that turn me away from you. It's unattractive as fuck. Like you smoke, you drink, and all that. You faked your own death by taking ibuprofen in real life to make it look like you killed herself. you have multiple accounts on oasis to get away from drama when you caused it all. You tried to aim yourself at hackers without realising the dangers of them. Oh, and you also loves the first days of the relationship all you ever had towards me was sexual content.... You raped a 15 year old named Char. I feel like you're far too clingy to me. I admit, I am a clingy person. I just feel like you're not exactly the right one for me. You want to meet me in real life too which will be so awkward... You get so impatient with me whenever i chat about my server. You left my server without even giving a reason. I mean being with someone older is okay but still i feel like you only want me for sex, and you was trying to be 'sexy' earlier by kissing me. you roleplay in every god damn situation to help yourself out" @Broken diamond shards